Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello again. I'm back with all the stuff that Tuesday and Wednesday threw at me. Stopped in at the VFW on Shreve Rd, and was welcomed back with hugs and "where have you been?"

Ok so I'm a Time Travellor, you know how those telephone boxes work, takes ages to leave.

Didn't realise our mail carrier (postman we used to call them back in London) was a veteran. Lovely man, but not a senior. Should have known, I always see him galloping across the yard. Then on to the Community centre, but too late to catch the bunch who lunch. Spoke to one grandpa, with a child who insisted her doll was hungry, and had to be home and fed. Who are we to argue. Thought her doll looked pretty stuffed to me.

But Grandpa smiled and we agreed on next time. Then on to the Giant for food. They do have the best crew there. Always ready and willing to help you out to your car. But...please, let me stagger out there at my own pace. Might take me an hour, but we can do this...Right? Now then, all you lovely people, shoulders back..quick march and away we go. I am..waiting to hear from you and what you have been up to. Creative and clever,

because that's what we are..........luv Eileen

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