Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hello Seniors one and all. Eileen calling...

This is going to be all about you and What is Happening in DC and
Northern Virginia. AND..dear seniors..what should and is about to happen, and what has already happened...after all, we're the ones who've been there..done that and will be doing much more.

I'm from the U.K., been here for many years. Although it seems like last week. Time really does fly, though not so when we were oh so young.

Living here in the DC area, lots to do and see, but we all sometimes need the help in being there.
So I'm going to explore all the various venues and see what we can achieve.......

The Fairfax, Arlington and Falls Church Recreation Centers have many new ideas and ventures, designed for us. Travel, concepts, get togethers,

And ART...Hey, I'm an artist and art teacher, so that really hits the proverbial spot. Here are two of mine:

So seniors...wield that brush.....form the that pen. Climb on the bus, go shopping..visit the Mall...Yea Seniors...let's have fun!

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